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Metix has grown together with the sustainability requirements of our industry.  At the core of our approach we have always fabricated equipment and designed plants that exceeded local environmental requirements as well as world class benchmarks.  During the last decade we have expanded our understanding of additional sustainable actions that can streamline our clients’ production and boost yields.  Our projects and plants now have a strong focus on resource efficient technologies and energy saving, recycle and recovery to comply with government restrictions on emissions, spiralling energy costs and limited resources.


  • Closed
    • Our gas cleaning solutions for furnace off-gas stem from in-depth experience on our entire product portfolio, including de-dusting and gas cleaning systems for submerged arc furnaces, electric arc furnaces, BOF’s and other equipment used in the ferrous and non-ferrous industries.  For closed furnace, CO rich, applications we offer complete venturi solutions ranging from 3 to 4 stage systems that both comply with environmental regulations.  Our standard Gas Cleaning Plant (GCP) consists of a primary quencher and double venturi scrubbers that can be upgraded to a 4 stage system through the addition of a wet ESP.  Hot duty and standby configurations improve furnace availability, off-gas quality, switch over, safe isolation, purging efficiency and minimises blockages.  GCP slurry is cleaned, cooled and recycled in a closed circuit and the solids can be recycle back to the furnaces.
  • Open
    • For open furnaces where the CO has combusted to CO2 we apply reverse pulse and pulse jet bag filters that are supported by trombone coolers with natural convection or forced-draft coolers for a smaller footprint.


  • Closed
    • The CO rich gas from GCP’s is captured, stored, boosted and used as fuel in sintering, drying, pre-heating, ladle heating and co-generation.  For co-generation the gas is burned in a process gas boiler to produce superheated steam and energy. The steam is then used to drive a steam turbine to generate electrical energy or alternatively for other applications.  Our clients save on electricity and fuel costs and can even finance portions of co-generation through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) process.
  • Open
    • Metallurgical melting units use a great deal of energy which often remains largely unused. Up to 40 % of the energy expended exits a furnace with the hot off-gas. In order to minimize these losses, we offer tailor-made solutions for more efficient processes. Through the use of direct in-line waste heat boilers, on open electric arc furnaces, the energy from the approx. 600 °C off-gas can be converted into superheated steam. The steam is then used to drive a steam turbine to generate electrical energy. As a result, our customers can indirectly reduce CO2 emissions, achieve energy savings and reduce the load on conventional off-gas baghouses.
  • Rotary hearth furnaces
    • Rotary hearth furnaces (RHF) are applied in many pyro-metallurgical processes to preheat, chemically pre-reduce or calcine the charging material into electric smelters. This pre-treatment has the major advantage of enabling significant savings in operation costs due to a reduction in electrical energy consumption and by removing undesired components such as lead and zinc which can enter the smelting stage.


  • Tap holes, casting and dust
    • In order to keep your plant environment clean and safe we have a multitude of process solutions to capture secondary fumes and dust.  These include tap hole fume hoods that swivel and interact with other tap hole equipment, dampers, spark traps and bag filter plants.  For raw material dust extraction and cleaning we apply our know-how and design principles to various extraction point configurations to capture dust using dry fog, cartridge filters and bag filter plants.  The solids are recycled through direct discharge, pneumatic systems or by combining with other process slurries.
  • Hot metal/slag handling
    • In association with Paul Wurth we offer fully automated wet granulation of slag and disc granulation or pig casting for the metal.  All the hot metal or slag solutions offer improved dust extraction or suppression vs. conventional casting or quenching and minimizes fines generation and losses. Advanced de-watering followed by steam condensation and recycling of water is applied.  The products are easy-to-handle and easy-to-melt.  Pilot test work has been completed on dry slag granulation where steel balls are used as medium to remove heat from the slag for up to 20% energy recovery.
    • An automation module that has a control algorithm which is based on a mathematical model. The system calculates the ideal volumetric flow rate and negative pressure according to every extraction point’s process requirement . The combination of flow-optimized components and the simultaneous control of all control dampers at the extraction points, which is adapted to the respective operating conditions, achieves a very high rate of dust particle collection and energy saving. Compared to a conventional control systems, the power input is reduced by up to 25% .
  • Key design aspects:
    • increased electrical efficiency with the intelligent design and application of components
    • minimized furnace heat losses with balanced cooling/refractory systems
    • reduced number of process steps and fines losses
    • improved processes resulting in higher metal yield and higher recovery rates
    • enlarged furnace capacity to lower relative heat losses
    • maximized power-on time
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