Electrode Column

The electrode column delivers the electrical power to the furnace burden. It must accept the power from the high-current transmission system via flexibles designed to facilitate the full regulation stroke of the column and deliver the power to the furnace via either a pre-baked or process-baked conductive electrode.

The electrode column is suspended from- or is standing on regulation cylinders attached to the furnace building structure. It is firmly guided down through the roof and delivers the conductive electrode stump to the furnace burden.

To facilitate slipping Metix offers two slipping device options. Our leading slipping device design has been incorporated on more than 25 furnaces worldwide and continues to enjoy praise from furnace operators for its simplicity and ease of maintenance and setup. The lower electrode has been in service for 15 years and enjoys the reputation of being the easiest lower electrode to assemble or disassemble on the market. Making use of a patented copper alloy, the hot forged segmented pressure ring assembly is able to withstand the onerous under-roof conditions whilst resisting creep and deformation. The individual segments are bound by our patented C-clamp that reliably brings the segments together and binds them whilst the bellow exerts the necessary pressure on the contact shoes to ensure optimal current transmission to the electrode. The lower electrode is suspended on the electrode mantle. On the mantle the layout of the current conductors and cooling water risers maximises insulation integrity and ensures a “clean”, clutter-free arrangement for intuitive problem solving. Segmented heat shields made from either forged copper or stainless steel protect the mantle components beneath the furnace roof.

Both the slipping device and lower electrode can be used on Söderberg, pre-baked carbon/graphiteor hollow electrode systems.

Metix has recently released its New Generation pressure ring system that packages both new and incremental improvements into a product that offers a five-year guarantee. The hot-forged copper pressure ring segment is cleaner, and the geometry has been simplified. Menacing screwed water connections have been eliminated, and a simpler, better insulated hanger arrangement has been adopted. The pressure ring incorporates a new, fully sealed bellow with a reduced spring rate for maximum force transmission. Sealing and insulation of the pressure ring has been improved overall.

The advent of the New Generation pressure ring was in response to years of incremental improvements to the original Metix design. With a track record of more than a decade and many learnings along the way, the Metix design engineers focussed on packaging the incremental improvements with new developments in cooling and bellow integration. Furnace operators demand longer service with reduced maintenance intervals, and the New Generation pressure ring design with improved cooling, sealing and insulation will allow our clients to target increased operating campaigns.