Technology Equipment

Technology equipment

Staying at the cutting edge of technology has been the driving force behind our company.  Our focus is on innovations designed in cooperation with our customers and with their specific needs in mind. The project principles of quality, time and cost are imbedded in our technology equipment.  The implementation of certified ISO 9001:2008 procedures, lessons learned, best practises on fabrication and the use of innovative materials ensure that our equipment is reliable, durable and a perfect fit.  Our design for construction philosophy minimises down time during maintenance and shortens initial construction; saving you time and cost.  We have strengthened relationships based on the above principles with reputable fabrication shops worldwide to ensure cost competitiveness/efficiency..

Specialties include:

  • Electrode column
  • Furnace roof
  • Power supply
  • Furnace shell
  • Refractories
  • Tapping equipment
  • Gas cleaning
  • Furnace feed
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