Who we are

Metix: A History of Innovation and Expertise

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the stainless steel industry experienced a period of rapid growth, with demand increasing by approximately 7% per annum. This surge in demand necessitated the construction of at least one new ferrochrome smelter complex each year to keep up with global supply. South Africa, with its abundant and cheap electricity and high-quality coal reserves (approximately 3.3% of world’s total production), was the ideal location for these new facilities. The country also held more than 70% of the world’s total chromium reserves, making it the world leader in ferrochrome production.

Founding of Metix

Seizing the opportunity presented by this burgeoning market, a group of experienced industry professionals, led by Reinier Meyjes, founded Metix in 2003. The company’s initial focus was on the ferroalloy industry within Southern Africa, where its founders had a combined experience of more than 130 years. Metix quickly established itself as a leader in the development of innovative smelter solutions, with a focus on decreasing power consumption, improving durability and availability, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing overall production efficiencies. These design solutions, combined with tailored applications, promoted cost-effective production and lowered the Total Cost of Ownership for Metix’s clients.

Joining the SMS Group

In 2011, Metix joined the SMS group, a global leader in plant engineering and construction. This partnership provided Metix with access to new technologies, including rectangular furnaces, such as the world-leading copper matte settling furnace built in Zambia. In 2018, Metix was designated as the Centre of Competence for all Submerged Arc Furnace related business within the SMS group. This recognition further solidified Metix’s position as a global leader in the field of metallurgical furnace technology.

Continued Growth and Innovation

Metix has continued to grow and expand its reach, leveraging its strengths and the global network of the SMS group. The company’s global presence has increased not only in terms of customer base and technology offerings but also in financial backing and support for executing larger and more complex projects. One notable example is Metix’s Malaysian greenfield project, executed on an EPC basis, which is considered one of the industry’s best-performing ferro- and silicomanganese production facilities.

Understanding Client Needs

Metix has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of client needs, combining its OEM design expertise with the extensive resources of the SMS group to develop specialized and patented equipment. This commitment to innovation has resulted in industry-leading technologies that have made Metix the supplier of choice for new, upgrade, and expansion projects within the pyrometallurgical industry. Metix’s expertise extends beyond traditional ferrous and non-ferrous sectors, encompassing the forward-looking waste recycling and green metals sectors. The company’s team of passionate and skilled engineers combines in-depth design and operational experience with the know-how of over 700 SMS group smelter projects worldwide.

Collaboration and Best Practices

Metix collaborates closely with other SMS group subsidiaries, including Paul Wurth, TMT, Dango & Dienenthal, to deliver customized and tailored customer solutions. The company also incorporates best practices such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Design for Construction (D4C) techniques.

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

In 2023, Metix celebrates its 20th anniversary, reaffirming its commitment to its core competencies and supplying innovative solutions worldwide for metallurgical furnaces, equipment, and complete plant solutions. The company’s legacy is built on staying close to customers, providing unwavering support through challenging times and market volatilities, and enabling them to accelerate during periods of growth.

Metix: Partnering for a Sustainable Future

Metix is not only a supplier of advanced technologies but also a trusted partner, committed to helping its customers achieve their sustainability goals. The company’s solutions are designed to reduce energy consumption, minimize environmental impact, and promote resource efficiency.

As the industry moves towards a more sustainable future, Metix is poised to continue its legacy of innovation and expertise, providing the solutions that will shape the metallurgical industry for years to come.